Thursday, January 13, 2011

... Barack dip dem in di healin' stream ...

hear parable people ... mi tun on TV dis mornin',
hol' a coffee an' a food and go fi sweep out di house ...
when mi look fi di broom me si seh a two broom in deh,
one new-bran' stiff broom, an' a old mash-down soft one ...
I tek up the two a dem an instantly memba wha' granny seh,
how "new broom sweep clean" an', "old broom know corner"...
same time, man an' man come pon TV a big-up Obama,
an' a labba-labba how Uncle Sam a gwaan,
when BADAM! ... it lick me ... clear as day ...
certain sittn suppose' to brush wit' new broom,
the odda res' have to caress with the sof' one ... den,
mi mind jump to Joshua, wid di famous Rod-of-Correction ... 
likkle mos' mi apoplexy to vision Prezi a brandish two broom,
mi seh! ... laugh an' kiki keep up inna livin' room a mornin' time!
"sweep dem Barack sweep dem, sweep dem in di healin' stream"

"labba-labba"- chatter, "likkle most"- almost, nearly,
"kiki"- laughter, "lick"- hit,
"Dip Dem in di Healing Stream"- popular Jamaican Folk song

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