Saturday, March 17, 2012

... on line tee-shirts ...

... twelve laundered tee-shirts hangin' on a line ...
a number which, to me, seems perfectly fine,
but if my fair lady has her way
the older ones would be given away,
maybe burned, put out in trash bags,
or ripped to shreds and used for rags,
but that won't happen for love nor glory,
'cos most of 'em have a pretty cool back-story ...

... why complain, is it a gender thing? ... maybe,
'cos, I really have doubts that it's just me
who finds it somewhat profligate to part
with threads that have represented the heart,
 a sold-out show, proud product or cause,
a clever "bon-mot" drawing looks or applause,
it's not about any hanging onto the past,
the cotton itself was designed to last ...

... my cleaned-up, dirty-dozen, enviro-display,
long-shadow-afternoon, late in the day,
points to casual sartorial attitude,
separate from formality or desire to exude
haute-style from every fashion corpuscle,
sometimes it's sleeveless, all 'bout da muscle ...
dem haffe fit me to-a-tee, like this lineup here,
and the next lot, biding time in a drawer somewhere ...


  1. I would have loved a photo of Apophis hanging laundry. :-)

  2. ROTFLMAO @Arctic Goddess ... to be honest, that chore fell to the same "my fair lady" - another gender thing I guess ;-) ... and a FINE job she did too.


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