Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's gonna be a long, long winter, for me.

Up around the bend.
Before snow settles on Great White North,
a sunny day pictured, may flatter warm. 
Bright perspective. Ambitious roadside grass,
could too, in the heat of your car,
trade winter-weary wonderment for arrid solstice.

It's good to throw evocative image at the soul,
keep blood flow to tropics of imagination.
Temperate lobes need massage too.  
Leaves on the ground.
Spent verdancy. Can't see forest for bare trees.
Carpet-floor, mossy-rock green. Anticipate a layering blanket.

Then. Remembrance Day scene. Normandy newsreel.
Alice In Wonderland snowball bauble.
Foreboding, even to look outside.
It's gonna be a long, long winter, you see,
as Wailers homage Impressions in
select soundtrack this season. Cold, and dreary, and blue.
A longer longtime coming. Simply safe and secure.
Roofs cave in winter without a strong heart.
But turnaround is still fair play,
and full lives continue to grow,
through rotating deep freeze. Long.
Just long enough, 'til time for Tamarack to rewake. 


  1. Great photos, great poems, great man. Thanks Peter - YEAH!!! :)

  2. ... nothin' wrong with those comments. Thanks!


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