Sunday, October 3, 2010

... NBC UnderCovers Lady Gugu and Bo Ko ...

... UC seeks to peddle no parable, nor posit the meaning of life,
it sells us Bo Ko, Adonis, and dynamite doe-eyed screen wife,
a bald-pate smooth dresser, super-spy-polyglot-guy,
no joke folks, check it, the dude sure is fly ...

... what if wifey did sex-up Leo, or do what when and with whom,
our Lady Gugu in-the-Raw, the luscious Samantha Bloom,
personifies fantasy partner whether all dressed or undressin',
in truth and in fact, shawty's a real eyeball blessin' ...

... NBC's new show has style, an' chat liberally littered with quips,
you can count on JJ to work in those expansive location trips,
stories are simple with action-packed script-writin',
lotsa steamy set-ups, bold stunts and faux-fightin' ...

... prime-time stakes are high, win-lose is the sexpionage game,
and I say this not just 'cos a producer and I share a last name,
but thirteen's a short season, may ratings beg for more,
because this one's not for shelf or cutting-room floor ...

... call it fun-on-the-run, a lil reggae spice on the soundtrack,
hard 'n' heavy isn't compulsory just 'cos the two leads are black,
some a dem critics tek tings too serious, man!,
smart casting's central to Jah master-plan ...

...there's the safe time-slot before the top network sitcom on air,
to help keep it locked 'til there's better cause to be elsewhere,
Modern Family on ABC has that distinction, if you'll allow,
so, my Wednesday night TV is all dialed in for now ...

*** November 3rd - POST MORTEM ***

... guess I was wrong, best wishes to TV's best looking pair,
cancellation's a bitch when the ratings ain't there,
one month later it's a Wednesday nite shake-up,
hope these guys had a pretty tight pre-nup.

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