Wednesday, October 13, 2010

... the power of one ... a Happy 1st Birthday ...

... Minnie Mouse will give you one guess
who she baked this cake for,
that's right Little Miss Clever, it's for you,
one now, and to come many more ...

... this one's for your Birthday Kailani,
one soon becomes two and then three,
oh my, what a bright happy life
this one figures to be ...

... y'see, birthday-uno is more than a digit,
it's a one-time calendar date,
the year-one counting point,
a fresh start out of the gate ...

... you only turn one once, I'm certain,
and no-one grows up to be younger,
one year after the next
baby gets older, bigger, and stronger ...

... as you learn, take one step at a time,
one flip then flap and fly,
here's one endless opportunity
for you, to reach way up high ...

... put one seed in the ground
one plant it will grow,
one ray of sunshine
can light the whole show ...

... one hour of darkness is
one hour too many,
may you have lots of friends
and not even one enemy ...

... just one more thing to remember
though, you'll never be one again,
regardless what number the birthday,
to you, it's One Love always ... amen ...

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