Wednesday, August 29, 2012

... moose on da loose ...

... yeah, we all know living out here can be quite harsh,
despite free food aplenty in the rat-pond marsh,
but who doesn't love summers in Algonquin Park,
just don't try to cross highways, especially after dark ...

... I love bucolic lunchtimes on the Canadian Shield,
doin' what I do makes me outstanding in my field,
heh, heh ... stock-still I'm like a picture in a book,
or, I can turn my neck to assume a typical look ...

... of course you guys will stop - stay long as you want,
see my young antlers? ... I'm healthy, not gaunt.
is it such a thrill to watch me graze on tall grass?
hang on a minute ... must you point that lens at my ass? ...

... alright folks, look, I'll turn around, I'll co-operate,
cos' there's one pet-peeve I simply won't tolerate,
too many photos, with none of my good side,
so wait, I'll move closer since it's too late to hide ...
... okay, no sudden movements, one line, single file,
just so you know, I only pose once-in-a-while,
there's this cool backdrop, framed by some trees,
take some shots snaps, then on your way ..."cheeese" ...
... I'm the main attraction, so I'll flash my best smile,
yep, this mug's got 'em all beat - by a country mile.
 'round here there's the odd beaver and goose, nothin' more,
y'all actin' like y'never seen a loose moose before! ...


  1. thanks ... had fun with this one, pics are for real too ... worthy of an equally witty comment ... kikikiki (Jamaican for tee hee)


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