Saturday, June 22, 2013

Window on Valencia. España: Parte Uno.

So, this is where paella comes from ... Ibiza is offshore too.
Bankers from here funded Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Valencia visit was a long time comin', beckoning as seabreeze.
Plenty citrus. But in early season, just tart oranges on the trees.

A road-blocked tent-event held us. Only those on foot shall pass,
y los perros out to walk, seeking communal privy patches of grass.

What's that famous line about the rain in Spain, and where it falls?
My rewrite says, on promising, unfinished, football-stadium walls.

Valencian settlement record is storied of conquest, varied, long.
Now, shiny streetcars signal a future, bright, electric and strong.

Much to see, so little time, a common traveller's lament or prayer.
Strategic wall stencils promote escort to the city's seamier layer.

Lost-in-translation syndrome. I read streetsigns wrong all day.
Some seemed to instruct tourists to divert and route another way.
Of course that's not so, Valencia's design caters to a visitor's fun.
The Arts and Sciences City complex has everything under the sun. 

La Opera and El Museo lavishly testify to quantum Euros spent.
I would've seen more attractions but the weather wouldn't relent. 

The mall over the road was shelter and food, lunch fast 'n' terriffic,
after a tour of Europe's most elaborate Aquarium Oceanographic.

Muppet Gonzo, Idris Elba, Apophis, Isaac from The Love Boat.
"Hey where'd that come from?"- as you re-read what I just wrote.

Well, I met there a friend, a big part of the trip's enjoyment factor.
The names are assignments for Iñaki, Spain's finest Voice Actor.
Having been, seen and conquered, and become part of the lore,
a resolution for a not-too-distant summer, return to see more.

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